Make visible what you love the most. With interchangeable XQUARE OPTICS optics. Version with DIAMOND reflectors of high efficiency. With optical ultra concentrator of 5º. Until 135 lm/W. Incorporates technology…


Mur d’escalade à Rumilly, France

In this project we have collaborated with IDELUM. The requirements were a high level and vertical uniformity for the practice of climbing sport, adjusting to current regulations. Another requirement was surface fixation so as not to obstruct the view of the climbers. Of course, guaranteeing maximum visual comfort, avoiding high glare. The product used has been LUXER with wall fixing. The advantages of this proposal are the lightness of the LUXER modules combined with the use of our maximum Xquare optics technology. use of light, which allowed us to achieve an excellent distribution of intensity and color of light throughout the vertical surface of the climbing wall. Endowing thus, to the installation of an excellent quality of light for the performance of this sport.


New IPROX is robust and clean by nature

After years of development our new IPROX luminaire is now available. It is specially designed for the most demanding sectors, such as…