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How to efficiently illuminate restaurants with xpot

When designing a restaurant’s lighting project, it is vital to consider interior design aspects to get the optimum lighting level in each area and to create pleasant rooms according to the style of the place. The guests must be comfortable and in a friendly atmosphere, avoiding an excessive or too poor lighting level, or annoyed shadows.

Therefore it is important to distinguish the areas within the restaurant, to create spaces with different feelings. Thus, over the counters it is needed a more intensive light, while the objective of the ambient lighting is to create a comfortable space with the highest visual comfort (for example with a low glare index UGR). 

The illumination over the tables is one of the key points, as it will significantly affect to the experience of the customer, by allowing him to enjoy the meal with the appropiate lighting level to appreciate its tonality and texture, and also to interact with his companions. Here it is important to consider aspects such as the chromatic reproduction of the light source and its uniformity.

While ambiente lighting could be soft, accent lighting is usually prefered over the tables, creating areas more or less private to encourage the user’s privacy.

LUXINTEC’s LED technology offers excelent possibilities in general and accent lighting, as well as allows the control of the light intensity to achieve the maximum energy efficiency. The combination of our light sources xpot and its optical system XQUARE OPTICS, together with dimmable solutions, create unique possibilities when designing a restaurant’s lighting project and provide each area with the needed light in each moment.