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Somader Showroom

This Computer & printing services showroom displays a complexity quality lighting where the Luxintec’ patented lens system called XQUARE OPTICS, allows a High efficiency with a perfect distribution of light and good color uniformity. In addition, the aesthetics of the GRAFIX compact projector with such a simple and refined lines fits perfectly with the elegant and sober interior design.

The cream tones of the hall provides a subtle contrast with the black projectors and rail, thus contributing to the interior design purpose

The owner of this IT products’ showroom has relied on the experience of LUXINTEC and CIMELECT, Country Partner in Morocco. Both have worked along in each phase of the project, advising and helping to achieve the best result.

The right Lighting design for a commercial and exhibition hall for printing services and computing products becomes more and more important to generate sales and profits by highlighting the branded products. The consumer’s attention is attracted to make the right purchase. LUXINTEC proposed LED luminaires of high technical performance with a careful aesthetic, as the best solutions for this application.