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Logistic Center Postnord Finland

An excellent lighting in logistic areas implies a qualitative and quantitative leap on users comfort. They are monotonous environments, so it is worthy to turn them into pleasant and safety areas.

We have achieved it in the Logistic Center “Postnord”, in Finland.

The former installation with 400W high-pressure sodium vapor bells did not reach 200 lux on average. It provided outdated technology and poor light quality.

The customer requested to increase energy efficiency, to improve lighting levels, and to create a safety environment for their workers, with optimal light colour and chromatic reproduction index.

We proposed LUXER 4 XO 160W to achieve the required levels, with an energy savings superior to 65%.

  • In corridors, we installed a XQUARE OPTICS rectangular pattern. We reached an average level higher than 300lux and an excellent vertical lighting. We oriented the modules to direct the light towards the shelves.
  • In open areas, we achieved a similar level with a square optics, with around 60º beam angle.

The main benefits obtained in this project are:

  1. Energy savings, thanks to the optimal light use of XQUARE OPTICS.
  2. Higher durability, with luminaires with up to 130.000h. of service life.
  3. High quality of lighting, in terms of colour and chromatic reproduction.
  4. Maintenance of the existing light points, achieving the maximum utilization without modifying the installation, thanks to the possibility of orienting the modules independently.