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Las Huertas shopping center

Las Huertas is a shopping center located in Palencia, which had metal halide luminaires in its central square. To replace them and reduce the light points we propose different versions of the modular system LUXER, with one, two and four modules that adapt perfectly to the structure of the square.

All the luminaires have 54W modules, which are orientable in two directions; and for a better control of the light direction, they incorporate XQUARE OPTICS of 60º x 60º and 90º x 90º. They improve also the light colour, turning it to a neutral white light with high colour reproduction index, that gives the square a more pleasant and lively atmosphere to the square.

All of these improvements achieve a great reduction of the number of light points, while providing a cleaner aesthetics to the square. The arrangement of the luminaires in the perimeter directs the light to the central area with a great improvement of the uniformity and of the light levels in the vertical plane.