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Minimalism and versatility with vision

  1. High efficiency, very low glare UGR3D reflectors
  2. REXIST technology, resistant to chemicals, scratches and exposure to light
  3. Diffuser lock with uniform low luminance
  4. Integrated optics. Light control and low glare
  5. XQUARE OPTICS: Integrated optics. Light control and low glare
  6. Photobiological risk 0 in the visual field of work
  7. Perceptible flicker-free light emission, <3%
  8. 53,400 hours L80B10 at 25ºC ambient temperature
  9. REFIXT: Replaceable LED modules, reflectors, lenses, closures, power supply and sensors for maintenance and reuse of the rest of the structure indefinitely
  10. More than 71% by weight in infinitely reusable aluminum and steel
  11. Optional:
      1. 2700..6500K Dynamic white
      2. Wireless regulation by App
      3. Emergency kit 1 or 3 hours of autonomy