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Modular comfort

  • Modular troffer, to create a made to measure luminaire.
  • Up to 145lm/W.
  • Up to L70B50 120,000 hours of useful life.
  • 7 different photometries: diffuse, XQUARE OPTICS and K9 OPTICS.
  • Low glare and uniform luminance versions to improve visual comfort.
  • Up to 60% energy savings compared to LED conventional panels.
  • Standard dimensions: 60×60, 120×30 and 120×60. Available more custom dimensions.
  • Mounting: recessed in modular or plaster ceiling, embedded, in surface or suspended.
  • Optional: version with intelligent wired or wireless control, with integrated sensor.
  • Quick connector to make installation easier. Optional input and output connectors for continuous line connection.