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Lasts longer and improves lighting

  • Orientable modules to direct the light efficiently.
  • XQUARE OPTICS photometries to make the most of the light with visual comfort.
  • Up to 156 lm/W.
  • xTHERM for high temperature environments and constantLUM to keep the luminous flux constant.
  • Maximised heatsink up to L80B50 212,000 hours of service life.
  • Driver thermally separated from light engines to double its durability.
  • Resistant to extreme conditions up to 65ºC of ambient temperature.
  • Weatherproof connector to make installation easier.
  • Versions IK03 corrosion resistant and IK08 impacts resistant.
  • IP66 smooth cover to facilitate cleaning.
  • Versions with integrated control available.
  • Versions for continuous line installation.
  • Class II optional.
  • Anti-glare louvres available.